Pentatonic Etudes

Pentatonic études

Pentatonic Études

Pentatonic études are an excellent way to hear new ideas and develop your ability to apply pentatonic scales. Wether you are learning an entire étude, just sight reading an étude or cherry picking hip licks it is a valuable way to study pentatonics. The études found on this website are from the book: Pentatonic Scale Lexicon Volume One: Major The études are presented with both as eighth and sixteenth metric levels so that students have a wide variety of choices depending on the level. Each étude is unique and mp3s at three different tempos are available to allow you to check your accuracy as you play along with the pentatonic scale études or just for listening which allows you to get familiar with the sound of a three and four note patterns using a major pentatonic or a major pentatonic using side stepping. There are thirteen études in the a href=”” rel=”noopener” target=”_blank”>Pentatonic Scale Lexicon Volume One: Major course.

Pentatonic Études in all Keys

They are presented in all keys which gives you 156 unique études along with 468 mp3s as well as midifiles that allow you to play the études at any tempo. All études have an accompanied bass and drum part. All pentatonic scale études are played over the chord progression I, vi, ii, V which is an excellent way for you to hear a major pentatonic used over a series of chords that create a strong key center.

Here are some quick links to the pentatonic scale études on this website

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Much of the Material presented on this website is from the Pentatonic Scale Lexicon Volume One: Major by Bruce Arnold and is used by permission. All rights are reserved on all information found on this website. @ muse-eek publishing company all rights reserved pentatonic études