Major Pentatonic Etude Number Four

major pentatonic etude

Major Pentatonic Etude Number Four

The major pentatonic etude below is in the key of C Major and uses side stepping down a half step. It uses a lot of step wise motion and therefore contains many common patterns that can exist with a major pentatonic scale. The étude could be played over a static C major chord or even a progression like I, vi, ii, V. Basically any progression that creates the key of C can be used.

Major Pentatonic Etude Number Four in C Major used over_I_vi_ii_V_Progression used by permission of

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Making the Major Pentatonic Etude Musical

Take a little extra time and look at the phrasing in this major pentatonic etude. Phrasing is an often over looked aspect of creating great melodies. Do you always start on the same note or use the same rhythm? Do you always play a limited number of melodic statements? If so you need to become more aware of phrasing. I would recommend the “One Minute Lessons on Phrasing” as a place to get some quick answers and fresh ideas for changing your phrasing.

Major Pentatonic Etude Pedagogy

If you are new to the pentatonic scale or don’t quite understand the different between a major and minor pentatonic then I would recommend checking out the Major Pentatonic Pedogogy page on this website. It will really help you understand how to use and think about the major pentatonic scale.

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