Major Pentatonic Etude Number Two

pentatonic etude number two

Major Pentatonic Etude Number Two

The pentatonic etude number two found below is in the key of C Major. It uses a lot of step wise motion and therefore contains many common patterns that can exist with a major pentatonic scale. The étude could be played over a static C major chord or even a progression like I, vi, ii, V. Basically any progression that creates the key of C can be used. Creating a key center is one of the amazing aspect of a major pentatonic scale. By creating a solid key center it allows you to venture into many of uses such as side stepping.

Major Pentatonic Etude Number Two played a over_I_vi_ii_V_ used by permission of

  1. 01_C__Drone__I_vi_ii_V_Pro_L1 3:26
  2. 01_C_Maj_Pent_Scale_Lex_Etude_1_L2 Muse Eek Publishing Company 2:21
  3. 01_C_Maj_Pent_Scale_Lex_Etude_1_L3 Muse Eek Publishing Company 1:32

Making the Major Pentatonic Etude Number Two More Musical

Just reading notes from the Major Pentatonic Etude Number Two isn’t going to be very satisfying unless you add in some embellishment. By this I mean slides or bends or a host of other articulations that will make you and the melody sound more musical. If this concept is new to you then I recommend getting the One Minute Lesson on Articulation If will well worth your time to get some advice on how to spice up your playing.

Check out the other pentatonic etudes on this website to see other ideas for using a major pentatonic scale. This includes the major pentatonic used by itself but also with side stepping. Side stepping is a technique where you superimpose other pentatonic scales over the key center. Learn more about that here.

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