Pentatonic Scale Side Stepping Technique Four Note Patterns

Pentatonic Scale Side Stepping Technique Four Note Patterns

Pentatonic Scale Side Stepping Technique Four Note Patterns

Side stepping with four note patterns is also a commonly used technique. Most commonly three and four note pentatonic patterns are used to create a side stepping melody. To review there are 24 possible permutations of four notes. If we had the notes C, D, E, G from a major pentatonic you can see below how you could combine them:

24-perms-for-major pentatonic scale Four note pentatonic patterns used by permission of muse-eek publishing https://muse-eek.comi

Committing even a few of these four note patterns to memory will really help your pentatonic playing and help you on the road to side stepping with pentatonic scale.

Side Stepping 24 Permutations

Below you will see some of the 24 permutations you can get from a C major pentatonic using side stepping down a half step using the four note pattern C, D, E, G.

Pentatonic Side Stepping Four Note Patterns, used by permission of, Pentatonic Scale Side Stepping Four Note Patterns

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If you want to see and hear pentatonic side stepping used in a étude check out this link. Remember that seeing how these side stepping concept is used in a real musical situation is crucial to developing ideas with this concept. Usually side stepping has to be played fairly fast so that your ear can hear the internal relationship between the two pentatonic scales. This is why I give so many patterns on this website. By learning these pentatonic patterns especially in all keys will really set you up to tackle the side stepping technique.

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